Looking for most comprehensive audit within budget? Hit our telegram and get a quote within minutes. Audit pricing depends upon the complexity, line of code in a smart contract. We understand your requirements and provide value by offering comprehensive report along with competitive prices.

100$ Audit Initiative:
Vital Block is offering one free audit per month of project which fulfills the norms set by Vital Block. Hit our telegram to know more about this initiative.

The security fees for the Smart Contract security audit fees vary on multiple factors:
1. Vital Block may entirely or partially sponsor the Security Audit if the blockchain project has excellent potential, i.e.:

  1. a. The project team is doxed.
  2. b. The project is KYC’d
  3. c. The blockchain project has an excellent social media following.
  4. d. The smart contract is open-source or verified.
  5. e. The project team has more people than the hype.

2. Project Audit fees may otherwise depend on:

  1. a. Project Details:
    • i. Code Length
    • ii. Single or Multiple File Code
    • iii. Functions in Smart Contracts
    • iv. Owner Privileges
  2. b. Smart Contract code OpenZeppelin compliance status.
  3. c. Smart contract partially audited by Vital Block
  4. d. Any other project audited by Vital Block

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